Highway To The Sun

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All original Highway To The Sun – Released 2015


All Original Album “Highway To The Sun” Released December, 2015

  1. Like That’s a Bad Thing
  2. We Might Be In Love Again By Then
  3. City Lights
  4. Days Like This
  5. Strong Enough To Let You Go
  6. Without You
  7. Highway To The Sun
  8. I Can’t Love You Enough
  9. I Wanna Do It For You
  10. Women ‘Round Here

2 reviews for Highway To The Sun

  1. Pamela Whaley

    I bought Tonys CD when I saw him on Freemont Street, Las Vegas, three weeks ago. I bought his Highway To The Sun CD and
    had him sign it.
    It is by far, one of the best country albums I have ever heard.
    I especially like the song Highway To The Sun. And feel that
    could be a record charter.
    I hope Tony realizes the talent he and his band have for making
    music. I would do a trip to Vegas, just to see him.

  2. Pamela Whaley

    Was in Vegas three weeks ago and heard Tony Marques down
    on Fremont Street. His band was exceptional. I purchased his
    CD “Highway To The Sun” and can’t stop listening to it.
    Its some of the best country music I have heard in a long time.
    “Highway To The Sun” really is a chart stopper
    Thanks for personally signing my CD Tony. And look forward
    to visiting Fremont Street in Vegas to hear you play again
    Pam Whaley

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